Saffolalife emphasises the need to #CareForHerHeart

Saffolalife, a not-for-profit initiative by Marico Limited, has always championed the cause of heart health with a vision to create a ‘Heart Healthy India’. In line with its objective to raise awareness and bring effective change on this important subject, Saffolalife has launched the #CareForHerHeart campaign that specifically addresses women. It aims to bring to the fore the ‘unseen stress’ that women go through as they assume the role of a superhero in their daily lives. Stress that is not good for the heart.

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Saffolalife Study 2019

Saffolalife study 2019 aims to create awareness about the seemingly small things like stress, lack of sleep, skipping meals, sedentary lifestyle and belly fat that we ignore everyday can impact the health of your heart.

Because, knowing your heart is the first step towards a healthy heart