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About the Campaign

In this race to be performer of the year, 40 under 40, best parent, health often takes a backseat. As a result, there are rising instances of lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart diseases and diabetes even among the younger Indians. These 60 ki bimaariyaan in 40s is turning into an endemic which India needs to address seriously.

Which is why Saffola 40 Under 40, a TOI initiative is sprearheading the cuse of inspiring India to take health seriously. 40 young achievers uunder 40 years will take on a journey of health by adopting Roz Ka Healthy Steps. Because it is time to celebrate not just a 40 Under 40 at work but also health.

Start by checking your Saffola Lifestyle Score and Join the Movement today!

Saffolalife Study 2019

Saffolalife study 2019 aims to create awareness about the seemingly small things like stress, lack of sleep, skipping meals, sedentary lifestyle and belly fat that we ignore everyday can impact the health of your heart.

Because, knowing your heart is the first step towards a healthy heart